Aya Youssef
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Aya Youssef

About Me

Aya holds a master’s degree in sustainable development from the American University in Cairo. She joined renewable energy summer school in 2013 and MENA academy in climate diplomacy in 2019 in Germany. Between 2014 and 2015, She led 350.org Egypt’s volunteering teams and participated in International Coal Network Regional Meeting in South Africa. Professionally, Aya started her career pathway as a part-time chemistry teaching assistant in the faculty of Engineering in AAST alongside her work as an environmental officer in EPROM. In 2019, she has consulted by Twyla Recycling Co and contributed to many development activities in Qatar. In addition, she was trained in Qatar Green Leaders counseling company where she practiced the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). In 2014, Aya founded Lampa aiming at raising environmental awareness through sustainable education, empowering local communities, and leading a change in Egypt and across the MENA.