Sedi Gaber Language School
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Sedi Gaber Language School

Eco Friends
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After doing their research, SLS has chosen air pollution issue in Egypt (environmental aspect), resulting from the continuous burn of rice straw causing the black cloud. As the school is being surrounding with agricultural lands, SLS team started a field study and has surveyed farmers about the produced amounts of rice straw and its uses. They collected samples to start their project: reusing of rice straw and converting it into wood products and antiques to be sold (economic aspect).

In order to master the production process, they have also visited various carpenters and MDF manufacturing workshops. Accordingly, they started producing their own pieces from the collected samples and launched a FB to market their product.

The also considered the social aspect of sustainability: women empowerment, the team gathered with women from the surrounding farmlands to educate them about their project and the production process.